CenturyLink Fiber Internet Information


The City of Orange Beach understands the value of fiber service and knows that higher broadband speeds can greatly benefit its residents. That’s why the City is partnering with CenturyLink in a non-exclusive relationship to invest in infrastructure that will bring fiber service and internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second to the Orange Beach area.

Getting Fiber is a Team Effort

Before network construction begins, CenturyLink wants to ensure that Orange Beach residents support fiber service and the investment it will take to deliver it. We are asking residents to show their interest in CenturyLink fiber internet service by signing up and paying a $25 reservation fee. Orange Beach will be divided into seven separate neighborhood teams. Once a team has shown enough interest to meet its goal, construction will begin. Residents can go to centurylink.com/home/fiberhood/ for additional information and to make their reservation. If a neighborhood team doesn't meet its goal, CenturyLink will refund the $25 reservation fee to each team member.*

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City Zones where installation will take place:

Additional information

For product information, pricing and frequently-asked questions, please visit centurylink.com/home/fiberhood/.

For project information, contact:

John Helmers, Project Manager, at 251-200-3595 or fiberhood@orangebeachal.gov

Watch a video regarding Fiber Internet: