ActiveNet Registration

ActiveNet Orange Beach

In January 2020, the City of Orange Beach started utilizing the ActiveNet website to handle online registrations and activity sign-ups.

For your convenience, you can search, enroll and pay registration fees all on ActiveNet from the comfort of your computer or on your Smartphone. To get started, an account must be created.

Once an account is created and children/family members are added, the information will be saved for future activity registrations.

Creating your ActiveNet account

To register for activities, including the Swim Team, you will need to create an Active Orange Beach account.

View and download a printable version of Creating Your ActiveNet Account Instructions (PDF)

Step One

Start by accessing our new site at the City of Orange Beach ActiveNet website.

Steps Two and Three

Click "Sign In/Up" Then on the Sign In page, click "Join" below the Sign In button.

Steps Four and Five

  1. Enter your email address. Click "Next."
  2. Fill in your name, and date of birth and create a password. Required fields are denoted by a red asterisk.
  3. Accept Terms of Use and click "Next."

Steps Six

  1. Fill in your Personal Information. Under "Phone," use the dropdown and select "Cell Phone." Then select your "Operator" (carrier - AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.) and add your cell number. Required fields are denoted by a red asterisk.
  2. Click "Submit."

Please note: Cell phone numbers are required. It is an essential communication tool for the sports director/staff and volunteer coaches.

Step Seven

  1. Congratulations, you have created your Active Orange Beach account! You will receive an email to activate your account.
  2. Once the account is activated, you can add family members.

Adding Family Member(s)

Once your account is created and you sign in, you can add family members. On your "My Account" page click on "Manage Family Member."

  1. On the "My Family Members" page, click on "Add family member".
  2. Then add the new family member's information.

    (For the phone number for children, parents should select "Cell Phone" on the dropdown menu again and select the operator/carrier.)

  3. Click "Submit" and the family member is added.

Register for Activities on ActiveNet

Vist the City of Orange Beach ActiveNet website. After an account is created, you can enroll in an activity.  

Step One

Download Register for Activities on ActiveNet Instructions (PDF) 

Go to the Activities page and select Activity. 

Step Two

Click “Enroll Now” on Activity Search Page or on the Activity details page.

Step Three

After selecting the activity you prefer, you will be prompted to select a participant from a dropdown menu. Or add a family member, if needed. Click “Next.”

Step Four

1. Fill in the enrollment information for the participant. Uniform sizes have dropdown menus and the others require a "yes" or "no," and more details if the answer is "yes". 

2. Click “Add to Cart” when complete.

Step Five

1. On the "Shopping Cart" page, you can review, edit, or remove the activity you added. The initial consent to the General Waiver and check off the Birth Certificate requirement acknowledgment and the Photo Waiver. All are required before registration can be finished and payment made.

2. Once done, click "Check Out."

Step Six

1. On the "Check Out" payment page, put your credit card information in to complete the registration process. Once the payment is made you will see the Confirmation page and can view a printable receipt. You will also receive an email confirmation. 

Thank you. For any questions about the ActiveNet registration, email Marc D. Anderson, Special Projects Coordinator.