Nuisance Wildlife

As communities grow human/wildlife conflict will inevitably increase everywhere. Orange Beach is no exception but, we strive to proactively manage these issues and attempt to educate both residents and visitors alike about the realities of living alongside wildlife. These problems are rarely black and white and nor are the solutions. Whether it's raccoons in your garbage, deer in your garden or coyotes in your neighborhood each situation must be individually reviewed for the root cause/s and the best solution applied. The most important thing to remember in all of these situations is that these conflicts are nearly always the result of human behavior/action and human behavior/action is the easiest to change.  A wild animal is just being exactly that, a wild animal.  We on the other hand have the benefit of being the superior species and have the capability to educate ourselves and affect positive change on the environment around us. That said, there will always be scenarios in which the only viable solution is the elimination of the nuisance animal. We do not take this decision lightly, regardless of the type of animal, and ask that you do the same.  We will always attempt to prevent or mitigate the situation by other means first unless an immdiate life safety issue is present.  To report a nuisance animal issue please call our dispatch office at 251-981-9777.  Be prepared to answer questions and provide as much specific information as possible to staff so they may respond to your issue in the most effective way possible.