Wildlife Management Program

The City of Orange Beach works with state and federal agencies to address the many wildlife issues we face as a community surrounded by such an abundance of nature. As we grow, we want to ensure that generations to come will have the opportunity to enjoy the wide variety of wildlife interactions we experience today. This requires a proactive approach and a diversified management program.

Our primary goal is always the safety of both people and wildlife. Coastal Resources staff answer all complaints or calls for service regarding wildlife with the supplemental assistance of our public safety departments. All calls about wildlife issues should be directed to our dispatch office non-emergency line 251-981-9777. A dispatcher will take your information and contact the appropriate staff.

Please understand that working with wildlife requires appropriate training, equipment and permission. We have a limited number of trained and equipped staff so occasionally response after hours or on weekends can be delayed . Our staff will always make every effort to contact you by phone shortly after the issue is reported to collect more information and inform you of any possible action we plan to take. When it comes to wildlife there are times when the best course of action is no action at all.

Please see our FAQ Section to answer more specific questions about our program and wild animal behaviors. If you cannot find the information you seek here please feel free to contact our office and we will put you in touch with a staff member who will be happy to address your concern. Our email address is obwildlife@orangebeachal.gov.