Expect Excellence

Expect Excellence 2022-23 After-School Program

Expect Excellence 2022-2023 After-School Program flyer

Students must be registered for Expect Excellence to attend. 

To start Expect Excellence on the first day of school, August 10th, students must be registered by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, August 8th.

Following the start of the school year, if a student is registered for the program between Monday-Thursday, the student may begin attending Expect Excellence the following Monday. If a student registers AFTER 5:00 PM on a Thursday, it will be the FOLLOWING Monday (10 days later) until they may begin attending Expect Excellence.



Click Here to Download the Parent Handbook for 2022-2023 After-School Program

**The Handbook must be read BEFORE the first day of After-School.**



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Click Here to follow enrollment instructions for K-6th grade and create a schedule for 3rd-6th grade.  


If you have any questions about registration, please email Polly Pittman at ppittman@orangebeachal.gov.


*7th-12th grade students who are interested in the music program should email Music Director Caleb Pittman at cpittman@orangebeachal.gov.