Daily Use Fee - Non-Member:

We invite non-members to use our facilities.  Daily use fee for non- members - $10 per person per day (this fee includes use of the Recreation Center & Aquatics Center)
Member guest fee (guest must be accompanied by member) 
$5 per person per day

Membership Fees & Requirements:


Membership cards are required to use the City of Orange Beach Recreation Center and Aquatics Center. A valid membership card is also required to reserve a court at the Tennis Center.

Membership cards are issued at the Reception Desk located in the main lobby of the Center. All membership applications are available and fees must be paid at the reception desk prior to entry.

Membership Fees - 

Resident - Proof of residency is required (see list below)**

  • Resident Single fee - $75.00 per person per year 
  • Resident Family fee - $175.00 per family per year 

Ono Island -

  • Resident Single - $150 per person per year
  • Family - $250 per person per year

Non-Resident -

  • Non-resident - Annual Fee - $300.00 per single / $500.00 per family

Monthly - Resident or Non-resident - $60.00 single, $90.00 per family

**Definitions -

  • Family is defined as two people legally married to each other, or a single parent and their children through the age of eighteen (18). College students allowed under Family Membership with valid college I.D.
  • For the purpose of defining residency within The City of Orange Beach, residents are defined as:
    • A person who lives on a permanent basis (12 months) within the corporate limits of the City of Orange Beach. NOTE: Ono Island is not located within the Corporate Limits of the City of Orange Beach.
    • A person who owns residential or commercial real estate within the corporate limits of the City of Orange Beach.
    • Individuals that own a business that is located physically within the corporate limits of Orange Beach.
    • Non-resident is anyone who does not meet the definition of resident. 

Proof of Residency is Required -
Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • A valid Alabama Driver's License showing a physical Orange Beach address.
  • A current utility bill (gas, water, electric) showing applicant's name and physical address. 
  • Orange Beach Property tax bill.
  • Orange Beach Property Deed.
  • Orange Beach Voter's Registration Card.
  • A twelve (12) month lease agreement.
  • A City of Orange Beach business license showing the name, physical address of the business and the name of the business owner.

Non-acceptable forms of identification:

  • Items showing a Post Office Box number instead of a physical address.
  • Telephone, cable bills, etc.
  • Checks or bank statements.
  • Expired bills or leases.

Orange Beach Rec Center Memberships and Rates

Orange Beach Rec Center Memberships and Rates