Membership information and rates?
Resident Single Fee$75 per person/per year
Resident Family Fee$175 per family/per year
Ono Island Resident Single Fee$150 per person/per year
Ono Island Resident Family Fee$250 per person/per year
Non-Resident Annual Fee$300 per single/$500 per family per year
Monthly Fee (Resident/Non-Resident)$60 per single/$90 family per month

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1. Are visitors able to use the Recreation Complex?
2. Do we have an indoor pool?
3. Do we have personal trainers?
4. Do you have changing rooms and showers?
5. Do you offer fitness classes and what is the cost?
6. Membership information and rates?
7. What are the Fitness Center hours?
8. What is included in the day pass?
9. Where are you located?