Canoe Trail

Canoe Trail has 12 designated canoe trail sites posted along the shores of Wolf Bay, Bay La Launch, Arnica Bay, Bayou St. John, and Cotton Bayou. (Please note that most canoe launch sites are still closed due to damage sustained during Hurricane Sally in 2020. Repairs will begin in late 2022 and in 2023.) 

Landing Sites

  • Gulf Bay Road
  • Cypress Avenue
  • Waterfront Park
  • Palmetto Extension
  • Harrison Park
  • Hayden Drive
  • Mississippi Avenue
  • Look Rook Road
  • White Avenue
  • Wilson Boulevard
  • Boggy Point
  • Cotton Bayou

View or download a printable Canoe Trail Map (PDF).

Please follow the rules. This helps everyone to enjoy their experience.

  1. Canoe trail access points are open during daylight hours only.
  2. Parking areas are only open to canoe trail users.
  3. Do not litter. Please keep bottles, cans, and other litter in your vessel until you reach land. No glass containers are permitted at canoe trail sites.
  4. Do not disturb or harass wildlife.
  5. Public access points are clearly signed. Please stay on the trail and respect private property.
  6. Personal flotation devices are required for each occupant of the canoe.
  7. File a trip plan with someone - include the accesses you intend to use for your put-in and take-out points.
  8. No motorized watercraft may be launched from these sites.

Overview Text

Designated canoe trail sites are posted from Wolf Bay and Bay La Launch to Cotton Bayou.