Preparing for Other Disasters


  • Stay close to the floor, and move quickly to the nearest exit. Smoke makes it hard to see, and most fire deaths are caused by smoke inhalation. 
  • Leave behind personal items. Seconds can make the difference between life and death
  • For more information please visit the Home Fire Safety Resource page


  • Get under sturdy furniture or next to an inside wall. 
  • Expect aftershocks, and get outside and away from buildings as soon as you can. 
  • Trained rescuers may not arrive for hours so try to rescue others if you can.


  • Go to a storm shelter right away.


  • Stay out of flooded buildings. 
  • Avoid wading in or driving through water. Floodwater can contain sewage and conceal dangers, including debris, open manholes, and downed power lines.
  • For information about flood insurance, visit the National Flood Insurance Program website

Other Considerations