Hurricane Decals

Hurricane Stickers are available from the Finance Department. Per City Ordinance, the issuance of Hurricane Stickers will cease on the issuance of a Tropical Storm Warning and/or a Hurricane Warning.

Hurricane Decals 2020 to 2022

  • All City of Orange Beach Hurricane Decals are valid for a three-year period.
  • Proof of residency and up-to-date utility accounts are required to pick up decals.
  • Two decals will be given for each property.
  • If there is a renter, one decal goes to the renter; one decal goes to the owner.
  • All condominium, townhouses, apartment owners will receive their decals from your Homeowners' Association, Property Owners' Association, Condo Owners' Association, or Management company.
  • We advise you to not affix the decal to your vehicle until a mandatory evacuation, if you sell your car or replace the windshield bring the decal in for a replacement.
  • New to 2020 only for Residential decal:
    • If your utility account is up-to-date you can scan a copy of your license and email Amanda Fikes.
    • We will mail your decals to your physical property address.
  • Once a tropical storm or hurricane warning has been issued, no hurricane decals of any type will be available.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact the City of Orange Beach Finance Department at 251-981-6096.

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