Hurricane Decals

Hurricane Decal graphic with the words "Did you know a hurricane decal is required..."Hurricane re-entry decals are available from the Finance Department. Per City Ordinance, the issuance of Hurricane Stickers will cease on the issuance of a Tropical Storm Warning and/or a Hurricane Warning.

NEW HURRICANE DECALS - The new hurricane re-entry decals are valid for two years - 2023-2024. The Finance Department began distributing the new decals on Monday, May 22. Decals can be picked up at the Finance Department at 4151 Orange Beach Blvd. Office hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.  Proof of residency and up-to-date utility accounts are required to pick up decals. Two decals will be given for each property.

(Please note: the hurricane decals are not for beach parking anywhere in Orange Beach. Separate decals are needed to park at the Gulf State Park beach accesses, and a separate pass for the city beach parking at CoastAL will be issued for residents only at a later date.) 

Instructions for Hurricane Decals 2023-2024 (PDF)

Hurricane Decals 2023 to 2024

  • Beginning in June 2023, all City of Orange Beach Hurricane Decals will be valid for a two-year period - 2023-2024. (After that period, the 2025-2026 decals will be reissued in May 2025.) 
  • Decal colors for 2023-24:
    • Beach overlay district: white with blue lettering
    • All property locations north of the beach overlay district: orange with white lettering. 

Hurricane Decals 2023-2024

  • Proof of residency and up-to-date utility accounts are required to pick up decals.
  • Two decals will be given for each property.
  • If there is a renter, one decal goes to the renter; one decal goes to the owner.
  • All condominium, townhouse owners and apartment owners will receive their decals from the Homeowners' Association (HOA), Property Owners' Association (POA), Condo Owners' Association (COA), or Management Company.
  • We advise you to not affix the decal to your vehicle until a mandatory evacuation, if you sell your car or replace the windshield bring the decal in for a replacement.
  • NEW TO 2023 for Residential decals:
    • If your utility account is up-to-date, you can scan a copy of your license and email
    • We will mail your decals to your physical address. 
  • Once a tropical storm or hurricane warning has been issued, NO hurricane decals of any type will be available.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact the City of Orange Beach Finance Department at 251-981-6096.

Hurricane Re-entry Procedures

The Beach Express is the official re-entry point for the City of Orange Beach. The City of Orange Beach, with cooperation and approval from the City of Foley, shall establish a roadblock at County Road 12 to initially determine the eligibility of the returning vehicles. The City’s primary roadblock will be located at the intersection of Roscoe Road and the Beach Express. The City shall utilize the westernmost lane of the northbound lanes as a one-way road for emergency vehicles and other relief agencies traveling south into the City of Orange Beach. 

The Emergency Management Director, in conjunction with the Police Chief, shall develop specific criteria for the implementation of re-entry.

Hurricane Re-entry Levels


Note: Once a tropical storm or hurricane warning has been issued, NO hurricane passes of any type will be available. 


  • City of Orange Beach Employees 
  • Baldwin County Employees 
  • Baldwin EMC Employees 
  • State of Alabama Employees 
  • Federal Government Employees 
  • Mutual Aid and Other Responding Agencies 


  • Damage Assessment Teams 
  • Utilities 
  • City of Orange Beach Contractors 


Utilities are defined as electric, natural gas, telephone, internet, water, and portable toilet companies. In some cases, utilities may utilize contract employees who should be able to furnish some form of identification that they are working with a utility. 


  • Businesses (By Zone) 
  • Residents (By Zone) 
  • Note: Zones may be opened to businesses and residents independently of each other. 

Businesses (By Zone) 

  • Each properly licensed business with a Storefront located within the City of Orange Beach, their business license should have a notation stating the level and zone.
  • Each properly licensed business with Home Occupation will use their resident passes to access their property.

Residents (By Zone) 

Each owner of improved residential property will be furnished with two (2) re-entry passes to their residence. Residents may purchase two (2) additional passes for $10.00 each. Residents who live aboard a boat will be included in this section. 



You can get the Hurricane Level notation on your business license for each properly licensed General Contractor, Home Builder, Roofer, Plumber, and Electrician with an active permit with Community Development.


All zones are open, there are no restrictions.